Monday, April 13, 2009

"GOLDEN MEADOW" by Marina Petro

"Golden Meadow"
Oil on stretched canvas
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Here is another larger painting I've recently completed. The photos do not do it justice...they are a bit blurry. I need to photograph it again but wanted to post it today. I've been in battle with bronchitis for the past week and a bit 'spaced out' from the cough medicine and sleep deprivation...or is it the coughing that has rattled my brain? In any case, it's been difficult to paint, and when I have, I messed up my attempts quite exquisitely.

I am pleased with this painting though. In many ways, it was a meditative experience. I could call it 'One Million Yellow Dots' which would be fitting. I actually enjoy painting little dots. I tried to get a variety of yellows in the field. Doesn't the detail look like a neat little painting? I'm tempted to paint the detail onto it's own canvas. Oh, so many ideas and only one me...I hope you enjoy viewing it.

Again, I have named it "Golden Meadow" but if anyone has a better idea for a title, I would really appreciate your ideas.

Today's Quotation: "Beauty is everywhere, but one may see the beautiful view and the other sees a dirty window. You have the power within you to choose what you see, what you think and what you paint."
-Leanne Cadden

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Sandra Galda a Daily Painter said...

Very interesting composition, it has a dreamy quality that is attractive! love to visit your blog!

Rob Hazzard said...

Marina, Once again, amazing colors and such detail that you put into your work. Your paintings have such a dreamy quality, I could see you illustrating a beautiful children's book.

Marina Petro said...

Thanks Sandra and Rob!


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