Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"PERSIMMONS & PEARS" by Marina Petro

"Persimmons & Pears"
16"x20" Oil on canvas
Email me for purchasing options.

A bit more complicated still life than I usually undertake. It was a challenge keeping 'my place' while painting the design on the fabric. I will be painting another small piece with this fabric soon...most likely without the folds.

In yesterday's post I asked for suggestions for another title for "Yellow Napkin" (below) Thanks to Rob Hazzard, another daily painter,it is now "Happy Hour."

Today's Quotation: "Being an artist is like being an Olympic athlete: years of sweat and dedication to build up skills, lots of sacrifice along the way, lots of obstacles to overcome. All that, and no gold, silver, or bronze medals."
-Theresa Bayer

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