Friday, April 12, 2013

Shaman's Dream "Abstract Intuitive Oil Painting" by Marina Petro

©Marina Petro

Shaman's Dream
11" x 14" Fine Art Print
From the original oil painting by Marina Petro
Original painting has been sold.

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"Shaman's Dream" was painted intuitively with no preconceived idea or plan. It is very exciting/revealing to paint in this manner. When you have nothing at all in mind, everything is a surprise and reveals some of the subconscious content lurking within. Click on the image or the link that says 'At This Link' for a larger view of the painting. The face in the lower left corner just appeared! I was not intending to paint a face, or the partial red phoenix in the center, or the red angel toward the upper left. 

I began the painting with Burnt Umber on the white canvas and just kept quickly painting so as not to slow down and think about creating anything specific. That kept up for a while and when I stepped back, these images were present...just waiting for me to continue to finish with the addition of color. 

Today's Quotation: "Every moment there is news coming out of silence."
-Ranier Maria Rilke

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