Sunday, August 12, 2012

White Magic, Horse, "Equine Oil Painting" by Marina Petro

White Magic
16" x 20"
Original oil painting on canvas
Equine Portrait Series

Only one in the entire universe...and it could be yours!

Details and purchasing information HERE or EMAIL me for other purchasing options and inquiries. 
Certificate Of Authenticity provided with every original painting.

Well, it's happened. I have nothing to say. It's been a quiet day. I packed up a large 30" x 40" painting to ship tomorrow morning. My back is aching from lifting and navigating the artwork around packing materials and all that is involved in making sure it arrives safely....and I am wondering whether it will fit in my car now. It is a really big box. I'll find out tomorrow morning...

Today's Quotation:  "When your horse follows you without being asked, when he rubs his head on yours, and when you look at him and feel a tingle down your know you are loved."
-John Lyons 

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