Thursday, January 13, 2011

Solar Fire-Night Skyscape Celestial Oil Painting, Marina Petro

Solar Fire
Oil painting on stretched canvas-painted around all sides-can be displayed without a frame.
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Only one in the entire universe...and it could be yours!

Solar Fire is one of my very favorite small celestial paintings. Can you envision it on a very large canvas? I can...and it excites me to think about it. That's a lot of what I'm doing of late.....thinking a lot and getting excited a lot ....and then the reality hits that there is only one of me and it would be humanly impossible to do everything I want to creatively...oh well...That's the blessing and curse of the constant inflow of creative ideas...most of the time I feel blessed. That's why I love teaching my Intuitive Painting Workshop...Painting From "The Zone." It enables me to introduce others to paint and experience the wonders of creative expression.

If you are interested in attending one of these workshops, please EMAIL ME. Depending on the response, I'll set a date for this spring. 

I've just been informed that The Art Channel is broadcasting two of my can view them by clicking on the links below. You might have to scroll down one or two videos when you get there. Enjoy!
Angels, Guardians From Heaven in their Spiritual Art section and
Intuitive Painting From "The Zone in their Intuitive Art section

"ANGELS" Guardians From Heaven And Their Habitats by Marina Petro
A book to inspire and lift your spirit...

Today's Quotation:  That's the artist's role - to strike out always for something new, to break away, to defy, to... grapple with the unfamiliar. (Brian Aldiss)

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