Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Countryside-Acrylic Landscape Painting by Marina Petro

8x10 inches
Original acrylic painting on stretched canvas
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This is one of the rare paintings I've created with acrylic paint. I 'kind of' liked it and will most likely paint with acrylics again... but...I do prefer oil. There's just something more 'genuine' or 'authentic' painting with oil. Acrylic does have it's advantages, though. In this particular piece, the fast drying time was one advantage because it allowed me paint over areas I'd just painted without getting muddy. In fact, this painting began as an experimental painting of a cup on fabric which I was not making much progress with and decided on a different painting altogether. 

Many of my abstract intuitive  Paintings From "The Zone"  are rendered with acrylic, at least in part. It wouldn't be possible for me to get the effects I do with them if I tried painting them with oil.

 I don't particularly like the title I've given this painting. If you come up with something else, EMAIL ME  with yours. It's not too late for me to change it.

These are lovely Sterling Silverplate necklaces I created from my original paintings.

Today's Quotation:  "So let us go forward, quietly, each on his own path, forever making for the light."
-Vincent Van Gogh

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