Sunday, January 9, 2011

Garden Landscape Oil Painting, Illumined Garden, Marina Petro

Illumined Garden
11" x 14"
Oil painting on stretched canvas
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Illumined Garden was painted spontaneously and intuitively from my imagination. I love painting in this way. This painting invokes such a sense of peace. Viewers have told me that it seems to pull them right into the light. I began this painting at my home studio and then brought it to my downtown studio and had it on the wall intending to finish it. People would comment on how much they liked it and when i'd say "it isn't finished yet..." the consistent response was "don't do anything more to it.", I haven't.

Today's Quotation: "Light gives of itself freely, filling all available space.  It does not seek anything in return; it asks not whether you are friend or foe.  It gives of itself and is not thereby diminished."  ~Michael Strassfeld

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