Monday, January 4, 2010

Fantasy Garden-Original Impressionist Landscape Oil Painting of a Flower Garden by Marina Petro

"Fantasy Garden"
Original oil painting on canvas textured board
Board is notched on the back and can be hung with a small nail.
This piece does not need a frame.
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Fantasy Garden is another painting that just flowed from my brush from beginning to completion. What a pleasure when I'm in the 'groove' ... not always the case. I labor over many of my paintings. There's one I have on my easel right now...small as it is taking forever to complete.

I received a wonderful comment about my ANGELS~Guardians From Heaven & Their Habitats Book in an email the other day. The person wrote the following: "How breathtakingly beautiful!  I love the square shape and the size.  And the quotes you chose, powerful and just perfect for each of the paintings.  What a treasure you have created!"

Today's Quotation: "There are some virtues to not saying what you think all the time." 
~Margaret Atwood
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