Thursday, September 6, 2007

"TIDAL MOON" by Marina Petro

"Tidal Moon"
22 x 28 inches
Oil on stretched canvas
Email me for purchasing options (link is below)

"Tidal Moon" was painted spontaneously straight from my imagination. It was painted a while ago. I re-painted a few areas last week, signed it, and am now happy with it.

Now, about the contest. Many thanks to all who participated. There really wasn't a true winner because I am still keeping the title "Autumn Mist" at least for now. dear friend and subscriber, Valerie Borfitz came the closest to it so she wins the print. Here's a partial excerpt of what she submitted.

"Regarding Autumn Mist - the setting happens to be an autumn landscape, but that is most relevant because it helps to evoke the eeriness and mystery of the scene. Autumn creates a dynamic landscape that is bare except for the beautiful leaves that create a blanket over the seeds and roots of next years potential growth. It is the time of tremendous change, with a hint of death and other things hidden. The mist conveys similiar feelings of change, and the unknown.

Mist always seems to me to be other-worldly (especially when I am alone in the woods), and I feel the presence of more than what clearly meets the eye. Like the mists I have experienced, your painting feels magical, a little bit scarey, and full of promise of the discovery of something unknown. I would think to name the painting "Mist(y) Presence", or something like that. It is a very wonderful painting, and I would be happy to buy a print of it!! Congratulations on another exceptional work."

Today's Quotation: "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing."

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