Monday, August 30, 2010

Solar Rays-Celestial Skyscape Abstract Oil Painting by Marina Petro

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Solar Rays
Oil painting on stretched canvas
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Only one in the entire universe! 
I've had my share of unsolicited nasty surprises and disappointments this year. I'm pretty certain everyone reading this has had their share of them too...that's just life. So...when I know I have the power to create very pleasant surprises, I paint...

Solar Rays is one of those pleasant surprises as are most of the paintings that flow through my intuition and fertile imagination. To bring something into this world that adds beauty and inspiration and has never existed before is quite the experience. I honor the 'Great Creator' with each work that comes forth from me...Today's quotation below is an excerpt from my Bio/Artist Statement. Artist Statements are a general requirement for most exhibition venues and other stuff. I dislike the formality of it all but.....that's life too...

Today's Quotation: "Art enables us to glimpse and experience Divine Manifestation. The "Great Creator" continuing the spirit of creation through the world's artists. Painting, and the inescapable force which impels and flows through me, is my essential link to the sacred."
~Marina Petro
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