Thursday, August 12, 2010

MAGICAL POND~Water Lily Pond Landscape Oil Painting, Marina Petro

Magical Pond
Oil painting on stretched canvas
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Only one in the entire universe!

I am very happy with this painting. It was quite a challenge painting the leaves. This is one that must be seen 'in person' to see the light coming thru the leaves and the subtle gradations of color.

I've been pretty busy running around the NY Capital District hanging my paintings this week.  Monday I placed 14 small paintings at The Spring Street Market in Saratoga Springs, NY. I'd gone in there for lunch a while back and noticed they had several areas of wall space that would be perfect to display my small's a couple of pics of just three on each with my celestial paintings and the other with my still life paintings. Stop in ... they have one of the best menus in town...
Yesterday, I brought four larger paintings to Albany Management Corp. (Berkshire Bank Building) at 41 State Street in Albany, NY. They will be displayed in the lobby, along with a group of other artists work,  through September. Below is "Twenty Seven," one of my paintings from "The Zone" series on exhibit there...

I brought my 16 year old granddaughter, Dominique with me to Albany. I drove down and Dominique, who recently got her Learner's Permit, drove back. Only one slight panic attack when she was pulling out of our parking space in downtown Albany and a car came flying from around back. I'm really glad she has good reflexes when I told her to hit the brake...whew...
I've been a bit 'under the weather' this week too and haven't posted or painted much. I will probably lay low for the next day or two and put my energy into painting rather than the computer...

Today's Quotation: “We have come into this exquisite world to experience ever and ever more deeply our divine courage, freedom and light!”

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