Monday, August 30, 2010

Angel Art Prints by Marina Petro

Angel's Journey
 Dancing Angels
Angel's Garden
All original paintings of these images have sold
Prints are available on paper in a variety of sizes, as well as greeting cards at...

Slowly but surely I am adding to my collection of images of my original oil paintings to Fine Art America...making them available as reproductions on paper and canvas. The angels pictured above and others are available there.  

This has been 'one of those days...' I've learned that my beloved master (painting) teacher, Tom Vincent,  has taken a significant turn for the worse and can no longer communicate. He is in the stages of dying at a small nursing facility. I am grateful I was able to visit with him Friday. His message to me, in a voice that was barely perceptible, was "Keep painting the way you are painting. When you begin each painting, intend it to be a masterpiece." I told him I would always hear his voice telling me..."Be very very careful.." and my resistance and difficulty with patience. I will honor him, though, and follow his advice. Some of my best work has been under his loving guidance. I was primarily self-taught, until three years ago, when I connected with him. Right now I'm feeling a bit lost without him..

Today's Quotation: "Being an artist is not an occupation, but a lifestyle or a destiny."
~David Dory

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createwall said...

Hi Marina,
My mouth is just hanging open because this is just so stunning and adorable, your work is outstanding, Great use of paints colors and textures!!!
photo to canvas

Anonymous said...

I think your work is amazing! I have been looking for something for my mom that I am able to put my grandmother's memorial on, because I did my uncles for her with a little poem as a remembrance and I came across your work and it is amazing, one of the best I have ever seen! I plan on to keep coming back to see more inspirational paintings by you. I love everything you have done.

Marina Petro said...

Thank you!


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