Thursday, June 10, 2010

AUTUMN MIST~Autumn Fall Landscape Oil Painting Forest Trees Mist by Marina Petro

"Autumn Mist"
20x24 inches
Original oil painting on stretched canvas by Marina Petro

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I painted this piece from a photograph and memory of landscapes such as this as I was driving around the autumn countryside. Observers have commented that this painting is 'haunting' and 'mysterious.' It certainly does convey the atmosphere of late autumn. The trees in the misty background were painted darker first, allowed to dry, and then glazed over lightly and carefully with white paint.  There have been times when I've used white paint to paint into parts of a painting (usually a landscape) that just wasn't working. What I discovered was that it would create a mysterious mist that added to the beauty of the painting.

Thought I'd post this piece today. I've begun watching the series "True Blood" on know the one...about vampires and shape shifters. This scene looked like the perfect roaming ground for vampires. I think I might trade in my human sweetheart, who is retired, and spends a lot of time at home during the day for a new vampire boyfriend. They sleep all day...and he'd understand why I need to check out by 11 pm...

Today's Quotation:  "I try to pretend I don't know how to paint, so the experience is new each time." ~Charles Reid

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