Sunday, February 10, 2008

"HEARTS & FLOWERS" by Marina Petro

"Hearts & Flowers"
6x6 inch acrylic on gessobord

This painting is an experiment to see if I could paint from "The Zone" in a smaller format. It wasn't easy. My "Zone" paintings are usually larger and allow more freedom of movement in general. I might try more of these small ones but not any time least I don't think so. Painting in acrylic is also quite new for me. I love oil paint but it is not conducive to this type painting.

I'm giving my first "Painting From The Zone" workshop on April 26 in Saratoga Springs, NY if any subscribers to this blog are interested in attending.

Todays Quotation: "The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery."
-Francis Bacon

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Showing up for the Muse said...

I love this- this is very nice!


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