Friday, August 3, 2007

"GUARDIAN APPLE" by Marina Petro

"Guardian Apple" Sold
6x8 inches
Oil on Raymar Canvas Panel

Painting is such an adventure. This piece seems to glow with a light from within. Really! I hadn't intended that but I'm happy it happened.
I hope more of my paintings have this quality as I continue to paint. I learn something new with each one.

Stay tuned, I'll be posting the portrait of my granddaughter soon, along with a larger painting of water lillies which is coming along least I think so. Daily painting has been quite a challenge for me but I'm glad I've taken on the commitment.

Daily Quotation: "Art and mind is such a very complex thing, and where an artist thinks off the beaten track, there will be few to follow his line of thought. The comfort of the well worn path is great, but it leads to decline and a muddy, flattened way. It is best for the artist to forget his finished work and live for the future--what he hopes to do. When my time comes to go, I hope there will still be on the easel some unfinished vision, something beyond the everyday life, something that links me with the next great adventure."
-George Graham

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