Sunday, January 6, 2019

Stormy ~ Original Landscape Oil Paiinting by Marina Petro

                                                                                                                                                                         ©Marina Petro
16 x 20 inches
Original oil painting on stretched canvas

Only one in the entire universe...and it could be yours!
Certificate Of Authenticity provided with every original painting.

STORMY is an original oil painting created from my imagination. It seemed to paint itself. I am never quite sure how a painting is going to develop or how it will complete. When I surrender to the process, the whole experience usually flows without too much struggle. Yes, surprised??? Painting is often a great struggle...It is a struggle to achieve harmony. When that finally happens, it is truly a healing experience.

INCIDENTALLY, I will be presenting  PAINTING FROM "THE ZONE" intuitive painting workshop the weekend of January 19/20. Click the link just above for details. Hope some of you can join me in this fascinating and inspirational weekend which will surely awaken your true creativity and great enthusiasm.

Today's Quotation:  "So let us go forward, quietly, each on his own path, forever making for the light." Vincent Van Gogh

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