Friday, February 25, 2011

Camouflage 11-Fruit Floral Still Life Oil Painting by Marina Petro

Camouflage 11
20" x 20"
Oil painting on gallery wrapped 1-1/2" stretched canvas
Painted around all sides...does not need a frame.
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I learned a new trick today! to superimpose my paintings over cool is that!  This is perfect to show the ratio of these larger still life paintings to their environment. This piece, Camouflage 11, and three others are currently gracing the bold and brightly colored walls of our local health food shop cafe...Four Seasons Natural Foods and Cafe. If you are in Saratoga Springs, stop in for a healthy lunch and take a look. They have a great buffet.

On another totally unrelated note...we were taken by surprise today with a snowstorm that is probably the worst we've had all year. They were predicting 3-4 inches and it may go up to 12 or more. I did more driving around in it than I'd like...I had two prints to ship out, a payment that I make in person that was due today, left my cell phone at the studio in town and other stuff....If not for all that I would have stayed home. Some roads weren't plowed, and of course I was one of the first to drive on them. It was blinding at times...all that white on the road and coming out of the heavens....difficult to stay on the road....but I'm back, safe and sound and looking forward to watching Fringe later tonight after I begin another painting here at my home studio.

Today's Quotation: "I do not pursue art. It pursues me. It dogs me throughout my day and never rests. It is the beast I must feed that is never content. I did not choose to be an artist, to create, to express what is in my head. It chose me and I am its slave."
~Toni Ciserella

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