Monday, January 19, 2009

"POMEGRANATE" by Marina Petro

6x8 inches
Original oil on Raymar Canvas Panel
$100 Purchase at eBay or email me for other purchasing options...(link below)

This little painting took more than one session to complete and I'm happy with the result. I hope you enjoy viewing it.

The inner beauty of the pomegranate has inspired design since Biblical times. There are some who believe it may be the fruit on the Tree Of Life. In the Greek myth of Persephonek the pomegranate is called the "fruit of the underworld." The pomegranate is significant in Jewish custom. Tradition holds that a pomegranate has 613 seeds to represent the 613 commandments in the Torah. The design of the pomegranate was woven into the high priest's robes, and brass representations were part of the Temple's pillars.

Today's Quote"The sky is the source of light in Nature and it governs everything."
-John Constable

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