Monday, July 12, 2010

Lemons And Lime-Oil Painting-Still Life Fruit Realism by Marina Petro

Artist~Marina Petro, Saratoga Springs, NY USA
Lemons And Lime
Original oil painting on archival Raymar canvas panel
...and the only one in the entire universe
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This painting was difficult and I'm not sure why. I didn't think it would be difficult when I began. In any case, I am very pleased with the outcome. I'll wait a while before I use this fabric again...perhaps I will forget the difficulties if I wait long enough.

Today's Quotation: "Through some memory, feeling, experience, the passion wells up and spills into my palette; it mixes with my paint. And the paint tells me what to do. I listen. I act on it."  
~Ann Dettmer

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Virginia Floyd said...

It's absolutely beautiful!

Dayna Talbot said...

Marina...this is lovely. The cloth is amazing!


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