Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Twenty" Abstract Painting of Under Sea Life-Fish Turtles by Marina Petro

Artist~Marina Petro, Saratoga Springs, NY USA
"Twenty" a painting from "The Zone" series
24x30 inches
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What a pleasure this was to paint! As it was developing and I began to realize it was an under sea theme, I could feel the movement of the creatures under the water as I was painting....and the little surprises like the turtles at the upper left. I sure hope some of you 'out there' who have subscribed to my posts try your hand at spontaneous, intuitive painting from your 'zone.' You will love it!

Today's Quotation: "The only time I feel alive is when I'm painting"
-Andy Warhol

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Karen Bruson said...

Love the under the sea creatures. Very fun. Beautiful colors and great design, as always.

Sandra Galda said...

wow so engaging, I esp like the purple fish in the lower middle. The shapes really pull your eye around the picture, too!


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