Friday, April 11, 2008

"THE YELLOW BARN" by Marina Petro

"The Yellow Barn"
16"x20" Oil on Stretched Canvas

This is a commissioned piece I've been working on. I thought I'd post it today just to keep in touch. Hoping to complete it tomorrow. I've been painting almost daily but simultaneously working on couple of paintings so there's nothing completed yet. This farm is located on Route 68 and the Burgoyne Rd. fork in the countryside of Saratoga Springs, NY. They recently put a "For Sale" sign up and began renovations. I'm glad I was able to paint it before it doesn't exist as it had all these years.

Some of my paintings are on display at Flavour Cafe in Troy, NY. They will be there until at least the end of April. I've also documented what I have there with iWeb on my trusty Apple computer. The photos aren't all that great but served their purpose. Just click the link to view the exhibit/slide show. Ignore the link at the top that says 'New Paintings' I couldn't figure out how to delete it and ran out of patience.

Hope you enjoy viewing!

Today's Quote: "The only time I feel alive is when I'm painting"
-Andy Warhol

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1 comment:

Takeyce said...

Beautiful, Marina!
Congrats on the show. It's nice to see all the pieces together.


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