Monday, September 22, 2008

Paintings From 'THE ZONE' Book-Cover & Three

Cover for Paintings From "The Zone" Book

22"x28" Tempera on Paper
"Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere."
-Carl Sagan

Hello again. I hadn't thought of including the cover yesterday so here it is. Snazzy isn't it? Yesterday I included the introduction for the book. Today I will include "The Process" which is on the facing page...and that's about all the writing except for the quotations that go with each painting.

The Process
My most exhilarating life experiences have been discovering the range of creativity I didn't know existed within me. Painting from "The Zone" is one of those experiences.

When I begin a painting, I deliberately clear my mind of any intention other than creative discovery and being present in each moment. With 'nothing in mind' I dip my brush into the first color that draws my attention and begin to opaint, moment to moment, one color after the next, until I sense the painting has all it wants and is complete. Paint is applied in it's pure form, without mixing colors. My palette is an ice cube tray.

This has been a thoroughly fascinating experience, enabling me to delve into deeper and more expansive levels of my creativity, imagery process, and inner being...always in discovery...

That's it for today folks.

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