Sunday, July 12, 2015

Guardian Angel Art Print, "The Apparition" Spiritual Healing Art by Marina Petro

©Marina Petro


Fine Art Print - Signed and Framed


The original painting, "THE APPARITION" was a large  oil painting on canvas which sold many years ago to a collector in Australia. 

This angel was painted spontaneously/intuitively and when she was finished, I realized she was a vision of an angel that visited me when I was 16 years old while walking in Central Park, NY with a boyfriend very late one night. Central Park was never safe at night. I am sure she was there to protect/warn me. I turned, saw her behind me, and bolted running out of the park....

I'm happy to make this angel available as a framed and signed fine art print for you to enjoy.

The frame it is in enables display on your wall, desk or table...

Today's Quotation: Silence alone is respectable and respected. I believe God to be silence. 
-Henry Brooks Adams

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