Saturday, February 2, 2013

Out Of The Blue, "Sunflower Oil Painting" by Marina Petro

©Marina Petro

"Out Of The Blue"
8 x 10 inches
Original oil painting on canvas
Floral Series

Only one in the entire universe...and it could be yours!

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Certificate Of Authenticity provided with every original painting.

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Out Of The Blue was painted from a photograph I took in a garden on my way into Saratoga Springs.

In Chinese symbolism, the sunflower represents long life, good luck and is considered very auspicious. It's yellow color signifies vitality and intelligence. It's a symbol of happiness as well. It's always been a symbolism of happiness for me and always lifts my spirit when I see one.

In esoteric Christianity, the sunflower is a symbol of God's love. The sunflower as a symbol can also represent the unwavering faith that guides the soul to the highest spiritual attunement.

Today's Quotation: "Turn your face to the sun and the shadows follow behind you."
Maori Proverb



Marianna said...

Very compliments..your paintings are very beautiful!!
kisses from Italy :)

Marina Petro said...

Thank you so much, Marianna!


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