Saturday, August 9, 2008

"THE ZONE SERIES" #28 in process by Marina Petro

"The Zone Series" #28 in process
22x28 acrylic, gouache on stretched canvas

Thought I'd be finished with this by now but I'm still working on it so... I thought I'd post my progress so far. I hope you enjoy seeing these paintings at the different stages of completion. I'm trying my best to be a 'good' daily painter. Hopefully I'll clear out enough around here so I can photograph and post daily.

I have another larger landscape I began on Tuesday so I'm a busy little girl. Yesterday, as I was driving home from my training appointment at the wonderful Apple Computer store and a visit with my daughter and granddaughter, I decided to take the lake route home. The clouds have been impressive this summer...huge, fluffy, highly defined, bright white and deep blue-grays. I took a few photos of cloud formations above the lake and can't wait to paint them. many ideas and only one of me. I'll probably be singing this lament on my way to the pearly gates...

Today's Quotation: "To have taken up painting, no matter at what age, or point in one's life, is to have entered into a new and deeper awareness of the whole meaning of existence, to have tasted spiritual refreshment, and to have found the perfect form of creative relaxation."
-Mervyn Levy

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