Monday, August 25, 2008

"SUN BIRTH" by Marina Petro

"Sun Birth"
6x8 inches
Oil on gallery wrapped stretched canvas painted around all sides.

This is one of my favorites. It was if it painted itself. Just flowed from beginning to completion. It's wonderful when that happens and it usually happens when I'm not thinking too much.

I am offering another "Painting From The Zone" workshop the weekend of September 27 & 28. Day one is "Painting From The Zone" Day two is "Paint Your Angels From The Zone" I was inspired to do the latter 'out of the blue' or, 'out of the zone' a few weeks for complete details. Maybe I'll see some of you there???

Today's Quotation: "When the Japanese mend broken objects they aggrandize the damage by filling the cracks with gold, because they believe that when something's suffered damage and has a history it becomes more beautiful." -Barbara Bloom

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