Tuesday, July 2, 2019

"My Brain" ~ Jury's Favorite 15%

©Marina Petro
From The Zone Series ~ "My Brain"

Prints on paper and canvas are available in several sizes~contact me for details

What a lovely surprise!! I just received an email informing me that a painting I entered in the May 2019 BoldBrush Painting competition at Fine Art Studios Online is one of the jury's favorite 15% of all the entries. 

The painting is From The Zone Series "My Brain" originally painted with tempera paint on  22"x28" paper. It is now available as a print. 

This painting was created as the result of a very strong impression I received to paint an abstract depiction of my brain. I chose the first color I was attracted to ....tuned into my brain....and began to paint non-stop until the painting was finished. 

So, take a good look and try to imagine what it is like being in my brain....Maybe you'd like to try your hand at painting your brain....

In any case, have fun if you try either!!

Today's Quotation: "To have taken up painting, no matter at what age, or point in one's life, is to have entered into a new and deeper awareness of the whole meaning of existence, to have tasted spiritual refreshment, and to have found the perfect form of creative relaxation." 
-Mervyn Levy

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