Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Angel Art Print Framed And Signed, "Evidence Of Angels" Spiritual Healing Art From The

©Marina Petro

"Evidence Of Angels"
Fine Art Print - Signed and Framed


The original painting, "Evidence Of Angels" was an original oil painting on canvas and sold some time ago. It was one of those spontaneous, intuitive creations I am widely known for. 

I had painted everything except the angels initially and thought it might be finished as it was. I kept looking at it....felt it needed something else.....picked up my brush.....held my breath....and quickly painted in the two angels descending from the heavens. 

I'm happy to make "Evidence Of Angels"  available as a fine art print for others to enjoy.

The frame it is in enables display on your wall, desk or table...

Today's Quotation: "I'm not interested in your knowledge, I'm interested in your intuition - that's where genius resides." (Alvaro Castagnet)
-Alvaro Castagnet

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