Thursday, September 6, 2012

Eclipse, "Skyscape Oil Painting" by Marina Petro

16" x 20"
Original oil painting on canvas
Celestial Skyscape Series
Only one in the entire universe...and it could be yours!

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Certificate Of Authenticity provided with every original painting.

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Here's another product of my very fertile imagination. I need to paint. That's just how it is. At times, I need to paint something that will be relaxing when I'm really stressed out. That's when I usually decide to paint something spontaneous without knowing what the outcome will be, as I did with this painting.

It might have to do with bringing harmony in the midst of chaos. These spontaneous paintings always begin in chaos. I dip my brush into the first color that attracts me and go from there... smushing on paint without a plan...just following my instinct, moment to moment.  As the work continues, there's a point that is reached where all the elements need to be brought  to a harmonious state. That's where the healing part of painting and most creative endeavors takes place....bringing the piece to a harmonious whole. 

Today's Quotation: "Painting is dancing with chaos."
-Melanie Circle


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