Friday, June 15, 2007

"NOVEMBER" by Marina Petro

12x16 inches
Oil on stretched canvas
$275 me to purchase

"November" is next in the series of plein air paintings done at Saratoga Battlefield National Park. I revisited this wonderful protected refuge today with one of my daughters. We walked along a beautiful wooded trail and came to an opening with an expanse of hills and fields. The scent of pine was intoxicating ... we saw a few deer. The wildflowers haven't bloomed yet. I'm looking forward to painting there again and again.

Daily Quotation: "Each of us will hear a different voice, one that is unique to us, and we will each be called in a different direction. But once heard, we must find the courage to reunite with that voice and trust where it leads. it is the voice of our truest nature. If we fail to hear it's inner call, we will be less than we might have been and we will never truly find peace and a sense of completeness."
-Marilyn Barrett

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