Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Mural, Celebration Of The Animals Of The Adirondacks

I had the most wonderful time last Tuesday pitching to help paint a 110 foot mural at Schuylerville, NY High School called "Celebration Of The Animals Of The Adirondacks." Included in the mural are symbols, patterns and designs celebrating the culture of the native people of the northeast US.

There were approximately 150 students coming and going during the course of this project. The creative brains behind this wonderful event is Susan Shanley a Saratoga Springs psychotherapist who has orchestrated the painting of her murals worldwide. Check out the 'Murals' link at her website.

Susan walking down the aisle.

I was designated the dragonfly to finish
Susan Shanley and Amejo, one of the original founders of the Beekman St. Arts District.

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