Saturday, October 20, 2012

Plowed Cornfield, "Landscape Oil Painting" Plein Air Art by Marina Petro

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©Marina Petro

Plowed Cornfield
11" x 14"
Original oil painting on canvas
Landscape Series
Only one in the entire universe...and it could be yours!

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Plowed Cornfield is the result of another plein air painting excursion with my friend Debbie. It was a chilly, cloudy, but beautiful autumn day at the edge of a recently plowed cornfield in Charlton, NY.  We'd driven around for quite a while trying to find a location that appealed to both of us. In the process, we found a great spot in an open field across from a private home. The homeowner happened to be raking leaves outside. We asked permission to set up our easels at the side of the road down a bit across from her home and she refused us!!!   

Earlier, we were chased away from another  beautiful open field by a young woman on horseback....not even the owner.  One of the ridiculous reasons she gave us was that hunting season had just what are you doing there on horseback? I would have put up more of an argument but decided it wasn't worth it. So, weary and concerned that it would get too late to paint and my late afternoon 'crash' would occur, we decided on this view just across the street from Debbie's home. I am happy with the result. It has a lot of great texture.

This painting happens to look much better 'in person.' For some reason, I just couldn't photograph the colors exactly right but it is very close...

I've been sick over a week with the nasty bronchial 'thing' that has been going around here. Hoping to be able to paint outdoors again on Monday. The autumn landscape is so beautiful now in the Saratoga Springs area of NY. 

Today's Quotation: "Good instincts usually tell you what to do before your head has figured it out."
-Michael Burke


Bee said...

It's difficult to imagine why people should object to artists setting up outdoors. But this painting was well worth the hassle. It has a real sense of place.

Marina Petro said...

Yes, certainly was surprising! Thank you.


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